With countertops, is there a difference between quartz and granite?

With countertops, is there a difference between quartz and granite?

When you need the best countertops, the material you choose matters, and some homeowners decide between quartz and granite.

But is there a difference between the two materials? Here are some facts that can help you decide for yourself.

Quartz countertops are manufactured
Quartz is a manufactured material, so you'll immediately recognize fewer imperfections. But it's also a durable surface that requires little maintenance.

You'll also appreciate a non-porous surface for easier cleaning and excellent visual appeal. Quartz countertops can fit in with any decor scheme you currently have.

Granite countertops are all natural
Granite countertops are p/natural, and as such, it's more sustainable and adds significant value to your home. However, it will need to be sealed and resealed in time to provide the durability it's known for.

The surfaces are easy to repair if something goes wrong, so you may not have to replace them as often. Enjoy extensive color options and fantastic decor-matching trends as well.

Making the right choice for your home
As you browse all the features of each material, compare them to your list of requirements. For example, you're sure to find that granite or quartz countertops are better for you.

If your requirements are short and straightforward, you might find that either product will work well for you. And we can help make sure you make the right choice. Contact us to learn more. 

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